About The Fastest Dog, Inc.

Our sole mission is helping your small business with technology. TFDI provides the most experienced technicians, 24x7x365 service, and guaranteed results. If your current computer service doesn’t offer these benefits, there is a reason!

The Fastest Dog was founded in 2001, by Patti & Aury Friedman, to provide small and medium businesses with professional level computer services, in the North Georgia area. Through our partnerships with a variety of strategic vendors TFDI grew steadily, continuing to provide professional products and services locally.

TFDI then began providing custom security software and hosting services to several of the major telecommunications companies and ISPs around the country. TFDI was also busy installing and setting up electronic medical records systems for doctors’ offices throughout Georgia. The word was out, and a wide variety of local and national companies were using TFDI to design, build and manage their computer networks and software systems.

Today, seventeen years later, The Fastest Dog, Inc. provides all of the technology services necessary to build and run your business. We truly believe you will find no company that is better suited to help your business succeed by taming and leveraging technology. Let us show you how we can do that for you.

What’s in a name?

We are constantly asked: Why name an IT company The Fastest Dog ???

That’s exactly why we did it! With 20+ years of daily involvement in greyhound rescue we wanted a great excuse to tell everyone why they should support greyhound rescue organizations, like GREYT FRIENDS. From our web site to our business cards and marketing materials, you will find ‘subtle’ hints to educate and encourage people to support greyhound rescue. They’re good pets, faithful companions, and 40+ MPH retired professional athletes. Dedicated, loyal and professional – exactly what our employees strive for every single day.